2018 Les Douceurs Naturels De La Louisiane Fleur De Lis Ornament

Item # GXORN0527
Les Douceurs Naturels De La Louisiane is the tenth ornament in our annual series made exclusively for Lee Michaels by local Louisiana artist Stacey Uffman Blanchard! The traditional Fleur De Lis design is accented with strawberries, watermelon, sugar cane and a flower with a honey bee set in the center.

Louisiana's locally grown sweets are the natural jewel of the South providing such succulent flavors like sugar cane, strawberry and watermelon which are an essence of the state's rich variety of treats and confections.

The honey bee, an official state symbol, plays an essential role in the bountiful spread of locally grown sweets through pollination while its flavorful honey becomes a lagniappe gift from this petite marvel of nature

Artist Stacey Uffman Blanchard has designed an ornament that represents the sweeter side of Louisiana's heritage!

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