Our Guarantee

From the boardroom to the sales floor, Lee Michaels requires fair, ethical treatment of our customers. Courteous hospitality and service are paramount in providing a warm, welcoming atmosphere. We respect every client who visits one of our stores, calls our toll free number, or contacts us via email or fax, treating each with dignity and understanding. Focusing on our clients demonstrates our commitment to the personal, individualized service for which Lee Michaels is known. Confidentiality is one of the areas in which this respect for customers and their purchase information is shown. Our clients receive the same discretion from us as they expect from their physicians, attorneys, and financial advisors.

Our Ultimate Diamond Guarantee

Our Ultimate Diamond Guarantee accompanies your Lee Michaels diamond purchase and covers the replacement of your Lee Michaels diamond (up to four carats in weight), whether lost from the original mounting or damaged in the mounting, provided the professionals at Lee Michaels inspect and service your diamond every six months and provided that any recommended repairs are performed. The inspection must be recorded in the customer's Diamond Guarantee (comes with diamond purchase) every six months.

Thirty (30) Day Refund

Within thirty (30) days of your Lee Michaels diamond purchase, you may return it for any reason with proof of purchase and receive a full refund. Gift and No Receipt items can be exchanged or converted to a gift certificate credit.

Guaranteed Value

Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry offers only quality diamonds purchased directly from the major cutting centers of the world. Selling for less begins with buying for less. Buying directly from the cutters enables Lee Michaels to offer the greatest values available. If, at any time within thirty (30) days following the purchase of your Lee Michaels diamond, you are not completely satisfied that your diamond is the finest available at the price paid, simply return it with proof of purchase for a full refund.

American Gem Society Membership

Lee Michaels is an American Gem Society member. Membership in this exclusive organization is limited to independent fine jewelers who subscribe to the society's strict guidelines regarding truth in advertising, disclosure of gemstone enhancement, accuracy of gold karatage, and accuracy in diamond grading. Registered Jeweler, Certified Gemologist and Certified Gemologist Appraiser are titles awarded to those few who successfully pass rigorous courses and testing in gemology. These titleholders are required to pass yearly re-examinations to insure these skills and knowledge are kept up to date.

Strict Diamond Grading

Lee Michaels guarantees your diamond to be accurately described as graded by our Registered Jewelers and Certified Gemologists. Diamonds are purchased and graded loose to insure accuracy of color, cut, clarity and carat weight. Diamonds are inspected using a binocular microscope set at ten times magnification to determine the clarity grade and to check the quality of cutting. They are compared to Master Diamonds of known color under special lighting to determine the color. They are weighed on an electronic scale to determine the carat weight.

Lifetime Evaluation Update

Every Lee Michaels diamond purchased for more than $1,000 is accompanied by a written evaluation describing the item(s) and stating the color, clarity and carat weight. For insurance purposes, it is recommended that you have an evaluation of your fine jewelry updated periodically. We offer complimentary evaluation updates every two years on every Lee Michaels diamond purchase you make over $1,000.

Diamond Inspections

Diamond inspections are recommended every six months by our jeweler located on our premises. We will inspect your diamond jewelry to help prevent possible loss of your diamond due to damaged prongs or mountings. Any problems with prongs or mounting can be repaired by the Lee Michaels jeweler. A Diamond Inspection log is printed on the back of Our Ultimate Diamond Guarantee for your records keeping convenience.

Lifetime Trade-In

You may trade-in your Lee Michaels diamond at any time for another Lee Michaels diamond, provided your new selection is twice the retail value of the diamond to be traded. Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry will evaluate your Lee Michaels diamond at the time of trade-in and offer you the original purchase price toward your new purchase.

Lifetime Cleaning and Inspection

Your Lee Michaels diamond can be brought into any Lee Michaels store at any time for complimentary cleaning and official inspection.

Guaranteed Confidence

Your Lee Michaels diamond purchase has met the test of strict inspection by the Lee Michaels professionally trained staff. Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry's rigid standards of quality are enforced by Certified Gemologists and Registered Jewelers of the American Gem Society.

Terms and Limitations

This guarantee is non-transferable and only covers the purchaser for uninsured losses. This guarantee is limited to ten (10) years from the date of purchase and is limited to Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry, Inc., or its subsidiary collectively referred to as Lee Michaels, and the liability hereunder is not transferable to any other entity. This guarantee is limited to its specific terms and conditions. No further warranties are implied and are hereby waived by purchaser as far as the law will allow.