Your Stories

Carol & Bobbie Bayham

Lafayette, LA

Thirty-five years ago, Lee was opening his first store in Cortana Mall in Baton Rouge, La. We, Bobbie and Carol Bayham, wandered into his new store. We were preparing to repeat our vows for our twenty-fifth anniversary, along with the purchase of a new engagement and wedding band set. Lee worked with us in picking out a new set. Then he told us, “Go into the mall, visit other jewelry stores. If you can find a better set, buy it." At that point Lee Michaels became our family jeweler. Our family has followed through for three generations. Our granddaughter received her first ring, and our daughter and son-in-law are designing their twenty-fifth anniversary from Lee Michaels. Bobbie and I have returned repeatedly.

Twenty-five years later, we were preparing to repeat our vows and purchase a new set for our fiftieth anniversary. Enter Johnny and Gretchen and the fiftieth anniversary set was purchased. At his time, Lee sent us a congratulatory letter, which we cherish greatly. Now we are preparing for our sixtieth anniversary. After a year of looking at new engagement rings, Gretchen assisted us in picking out a new ring, which Bobbie is now wearing. Because of sentimental value, Bobbie, Gretchen and Carol took the original wedding band and engagement from sixty years ago, had them melted down and made into a new wedding band.

Congratulations to Lee and his entire staff for thirty-five years of excellent service. May we all have many years of repeated pleasure