Your Stories

Francelle Serrett

Baton Rouge, LA

My engagement ring from Lee Michaels has the highest emotional value of any piece of jewelry I own. I love it and couldn't imagine a sweeter proposal than the one I received. My then boyfriend (Chip) treated me and his 5 year old son (Logan) to dinner at Roberto's on a Wednesday night about a month and a half ago. He brought in a coloring book and colors to keep Logan busy. After ordering drinks and an appetizer I glanced down to do a double take of what Logan was coloring... pictures of us! The pictures were black and white outlines from things we had done over time as a couple dating and of the three of us (Mardi Gras Balls & parades, road trips, rock climbing, Halloween, Logan's first day of Kindergarden). After going through the pictures, the last one was a new picture of Logan holding a sign asking me to marry his Daddy! What girl gets two gentlemen to propose to her? This one! Chip said he knew it wasn't the romantic evening that I had always dreamed of- I let him know that romantic evenings are a dime a dozen and this was a once in a lifetime moment for the three of us.

Thank you Jason for helping pick out the perfect ring & I love you Chip and Logan to the moon and back:-)