Timepiece Designers

Uniquely identifiable, Cartier watches originate from the insatiable curiosity of a watchmaker-jeweler. The first wristwatch reference in the Cartier archives dates back to 1888. At about the same time, a large number of pocket and chatelaine watches appeared, but for Louis Cartier, the future lied in wristwatches. It is the start of a long love story, which paved the way for many other models: the Tortue watch, the Tank watch, the Baignoire watch, the Panthère watch, the Pasha watch... Names that call to mind a certain shape, a winding crown, time markings, hands, a dial... that all keep Cartier time. The work within Cartier ateliers fall into the realm of art, mingling creativity with craftsmanship and innovation with beauty.

Baume & Mercier — two names that not only evoke 180 years of Swiss watchmaking heritage, but also represent the epitome of contemporary luxury and relaxed elegance. Since 1830, Baume & Mercier has been producing technically precise and reliable watches for everyday living: the Linea collection for the elegant, modern woman, the tasteful Hampton, perfect for all occasions, and the bestselling Classima Executives. Baume & Mercier presents Clifton, its new line of men’s watches inspired by the models that had their heyday in the “Golden Fifties”. These iconic masterpieces encapsulate the brand's philosophy, striking the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

Imbuing Swiss expertise with distinctive American style, David Yurman is recognized as one of the world’s premiere fine jewelry and timepiece makers. Artfully juxtaposing materials, finishes, and textures, these watches offer a striking blend of modernity and tradition. Meticulously handcrafted without compromise, they reflect a designer with a deep passion for details. Discover the beauty of effortless luxury combined with the ultimate precision and quality.

A world-class brand with a rich heritage in watch-making, EBEL creates luxury watches infused with a chic, modern vision marked by fresh, unexpected and unique details. The EBEL line, which includes such preeminent families as Brasilia, Beluga, EBEL Sport and EBEL Wave, introduced two fresh, elegant and sensual new collections in fall 2012 – EBEL Onde, a pure feminine design defined by fluid lines and sculpted curves, and the luxurious yet playfully sportive EBEL X-1.

Gucci watches are made in Switzerland and bear the hallmark of Swiss precision and accuracy. The house's manufacturing entity - situated in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the shrine of clockwork craftsmanship - has managed to harmoniously combine state-of-the-art technology and traditional watchmaking in creating cutting-edge timepieces. The positioning of Gucci in the watch industry reflects the expectations of its sophisticated and exclusive clientele: each timepiece is a statement of excellence and is in line with the overall aesthetic and quality standards of the house. Diamond setting is an example of this fine expertise: watches are studded with high-quality diamonds, carefully checked to create that perfect and exclusive look. Gucci began developing watches in the early 1970s, soon becoming one of the world's leading producers and distributors of fine timepieces. Now under the creative direction of Frida Giannini, the watch business benefits from Gucci's rich heritage, design leadership and Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship.

Hamilton, the American brand since 1892 is known for its innovative design and cutting edge technology. Once named "America's Best Kept Secret" because of its luxurious timepiece offerings at very affordable prices, Hamilton has maintained its place in history and keeps reinventing itself with time, all while combining strong American spirit with the unrivaled precision of the latest in Swiss movements. The Hamilton collection offers two lines: the American Classic, which embodies the true American spirit of the brand, and the Khaki Collection, inspired by the watches Hamilton produced in both world wars and symbolic of the military's presence on land, at sea and in the air. Hamilton has had a long-standing relationship with the Hollywood community. Since the 1950s, Hamilton timepieces have been featured in over 300 movies. The brand's distinctive style has made it a favorite of the world's leading motion picture prop masters and costume designers, who regularly reach out to Hamilton to provide watches to complement their movie wardrobes.

Every watch born into the Michele collection brings ageless glamour to the modern movement of time. The watches are a celebration of contemporary fashion and romanticism, fused with time-honored craftsmanship and luxury. Michele's signature styling includes mother-of-pearl dials, Swiss made movements, and quality diamonds skillfully set to reflect the brand's brilliant motif. The creators of Michele believe that a watch is much more than a timepiece; it is an expression of your place in life, who you are today, and who you will be tomorrow. A watch is a statement of fashion, attitude, mood, and individuality. Michele creates a unique product for the global marketplace. Michele knows no geographical boundaries when it comes to quality, drawing from resources around the globe to secure the finest timepiece components. Every step, from design to assembly to presentation, is completed with the utmost attention to detail and the tradition of watchmaking.

For more than 160 years, the prestigious Swiss watch manufacturer OMEGA has been synonymous with excellence, innovation and precision. Faithful to its original pioneering spirit, OMEGA continues to make technical and watchmaking history with innovations that have made it indispensable to the conquest of ocean depths and outer space. Omega actively supports various sporting disciplines at the top levels of competition and the brand is synonymous with the ideals of perfection and precision personified by its sports ambassadors. Omega's worldwide fashion and cinema ambassadors are high profile reminders that the brand's image also extends to other spheres of excellence. Since 1932 Omega has been the Official Olympic Timekeeper and has been called upon to serve at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Omega's history is filled with examples of innovation, record precision, audacious design, pioneering spirit, and a tradition of excellence in watchmaking. This was further demonstrated in 1999 with the launch of the Co-Axial movement, one of the 20th century's major innovations in watchmaking excellence.

Throughout their history, Panerai watches have been manufactured in limited quantities. It has been calculated that only about 300 pieces of the watchmaker's earlier models were made from the company's debut until 1992, and these were produced exclusively for two navies in the Mediterranean. The watches have been sought after by collectors all over the world, and it is not unusual at auctions to see great battles fought to win the best pieces. Panerai watches have been a part of watch enthusiast collections in countries as far afield as Russia, Japan and the United States, where they were probably purchased by Allied troops on their return from the Second World War. These watches are often in exceptional state of preservation, proof of the care with which they have been looked after and a testimony to their technical and historic value. Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry is proud to be an authorized retailer of Panerai timepieces

In 1839, Antoine Norbert de Patek Philippe and Jean-Adrien Philippe combined their love of watches to form Patek Philippe, responsible for some of the most exquisite timepieces in the world. Many elements contribute to the quality inherent in Patek Philippe's watches, but none more than the highest standards of workmanship and quality control. It takes more than 1,200 operations to create one watch. Between three and five years are spent creating a new mechanical movement. Six hundred hours of quality control checks are undertaken during manufacture, followed by thirty days of observation and rigorous examination. Only after all this is Patek Philippe ready to put their name to a watch. Behind the exacting figures, of course, are skills of craftsmen. Each watch is individually assembled, polished, and regulated by hand. It is this dedication to perfection that has kept their reputation for workmanship unequalled over the years. The Patek Philippe watch serves as an example of the company's unceasing innovation, dedication to excellence, and technological achievements.

Each Victorinox Swiss Army Timepiece embodies the spirit of the legendary Swiss Army Knife, a universal symbol of functionality, innovation, quality and iconic design. From functionality to innovation, from iconic design to quality - Victorinox Swiss Army ensures that every timepiece we design, engineer and manufacture turns into a true "companion for life."

TAG Heuer has been recognized as a leader in Swiss sport watches for over 143 years. It has a prestigious history in Swiss watchmaking as an innovator of new technology, including the first instrument in the world to measure time accuracy within1/100th of a second. Today, TAG Heuer watches can be seen at modern sporting events around the globe. It is the official timekeeper for the FIA Formula 1 World Championship and the watch of choice for Tiger Woods. TAG's relationship with sports cultivates innovative designs that represent power and grace, as well as functionality and elegance. TAG Heuer offers a wide selection of watches designed for any type of activity. From the 2000 Series, designed for professional divers to the Alter Ego series, a collection of elegant watches designed for women, TAG Heuer is a leader in product innovation, classicism, and quality.