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Spotlight on: A.JAFFE

Jan 16, 2023


A.JAFFE's rich heritage spans from 1892 in New York city, across the Jazz Age and Art Deco period, through two world wars and into a new millennium. The historic American bridal brand is recognized for its iconic Signature Shank and Quilted Interior design features that provide superior balance, a luxurious fit, and minimize twisting of the engagement ring or wedding ring on the finger. Shop A.JAFFE stackable diamond rings, wedding bands and semi-mount settings for engagement rings online with complimentary shipping and gift wrapping, or visit our location in Shreveport, LA to shop a more robust collection of A.JAFFE diamond rings in person.

History of A.JAFFE

history of ajaffe ring designer

In 1892, Abraham Jaffe set up shop on Maiden Lane in downtown Manhattan in New York City and created a brand we have come to admire as A.JAFFE. As business grew, A.JAFFE relocated and and was an early settler in an up and coming new part of New York for jewelers, West 47th street, now the epicenter for the international jewelry, and the most famous Diamond District in the world. Jaffe paired cutting edge innovation and the best in the day’s technology with time-tested craftsmanship. He is a pioneer of the American engagement ring. The design of each womens diamond ring takes inspiration from New York City. From the brand’s headquarters, every collection features a different facet of New York ingenuity and spirit. Whether it’s a callback to the roaring 20’s evident in so many Art Deco skyscrapers, an ode to the beautiful seasons of Central Park, reminders of the stately Metropolitan, or simply chic and classic NYC. A.JAFFE continues to stand for the same superior standards of quality and innovation that have gone into each of our bridal rings for over 125 years.

Signature Shank

a.jaffe signature shank
SHOP A.JAFFE Diamond Rings with a Signature Shank

The A.JAFFE Signature Shank is more durable and more comfortable than a traditional round shank. The extra weight from the metal helps balance the center stone, preventing the engagement ring or diamond ring from turning on the finger, so your diamond is always upright and centered. The signature squared shank on every A. JAFFE ring must be smooth and perfectly symmetrical, with its widened base and soft corners preventing the ring from moving. Every A.JAFFE Signature Shank is engraved on each side with a trademark "a" and a small adjacent diamond.

Craftsmanship of Diamond Rings by A.JAFFE

a.jaffe craftsmanship at lee michaels

It takes over 80 hours to handcraft, hand set and hand polish each A.JAFFE ring. Additional processes such as an extended casting cycle, burnishing, hand cut pave and quality checkpoints make A.JAFFE rings more dense and durable, settings more secure and finishing unmatched. A.JAFFE uses the best raw materials, from calibrated diamonds that sparkle like no other, to hypoallergenic metals. All A.JAFFE gold rings are hypoallergenic, 100 percent nickel-free and enriched with 40 percent more palladium than the industry standard to create a ring with unmatched strength, durability, and luster. This special alloy means your diamond engagement ring will stay bright white for longer without rhodium treatments.

A.JAFFE 10 Quality Checkpoints

a.jaffe quality checkpoints

The 10 Quality Checkpoints by A.JAFFE on all diamond rings ensure that the quality and craftsmanship are consistently adhered to as designs are produced. 1- The signature shank with a subtle, square shape promises no twisting or turning on your finger. 2- Gold is 100% nickel free. A.JAFFE alloy our 18 karat gold with 40% more palladium than industry average. 3- A.JAFF takes the extra care to burnish settings. The result is a precious metal that is more condensed, not porous, with a more substantial feel. 4- Prongs are all handmade, therefore our diamonds are more secure. 5- Even the oh-so-petite prongs in pave settings are created individually so your setting is smooth and will not catch on any sweaters. 6- The knowledge and skill of an A.JAFFE master jeweler are passed on from generation to generation resulting in decades of learned expertise. 7- Trained eyes study and select every diamond to ensure an engagement ring or diamond ring with consistent color and sparkle. 8- Six polishing stages mean maximum brilliance is brought out from every ring. 9- It takes 80 hours to plan, perfect and produce the intricate detailing of an A.JAFFE diamond ring. 10- The “A” in A.JAFFE stands for all of the above…the marriage of art, technology and excellence since 1892.

A.JAFFE at Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

engagement rings in shreveport, la
SHOP A.JAFFE at Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

2022 brought a fresh renovation to our Shreveport, LA location. With this renovation came a new and expanded Engagement and Bridal area in the store to better service shoppers. Shopping A.JAFFE semi-mount rings allows shoppers to select a setting as well as their center stone, giving more creativity to the final product and helping shoppers to stay within their budget while creating a diamond engagement ring that will last a lifetime. Learn more about A.JAFFE, designer engagement rings and settings as well as Lee Michaels Loose Diamond Program by contacting us online, or visit a Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry store near you.

a.jaffe designs available at Lee Michaels

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