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Experts on the “what” and the “why” of gift giving, Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry has built a business on recognizing people for their faithfulness, their contributions, their milestones and their service anniversaries. That is ingrained in the company’s philosophy and integral to its business model—and it is something they take pride in sharing with the corporate world through their corporate gifts division. While business gifts and awards is one aspect of Lee Michaels Corporate Gifts, another is promotional products—smaller gifts that companies give to customers as a form of advertisement. The track record of such giveaways is impressive. Items like mugs, pens and t-shirts leave a longer lasting, more cost-efficient impression than TV, magazines, Internet and other major marketing efforts.  With 3000 suppliers, Lee Michaels is able to supply companies with every possible promotional product. For more information reach out to Jessie Heroman Felps, Corporate Gifts Specialist,

Pentagon Award 9.5 Inch
Pentagon Award 9.5 inch
Beacon Sable Award 12 Inch
Beacon Sable Award 12 inch
Marina Vase 12.5 Inch
Marina Vase 12.5 inch
Biscuit Barrel 6.5 Inch
Biscuit Barrel 6.5 inch