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Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Jan 17, 2023

You found your match and you're ready to make it official, cheers! Picking an engagement ring can be overwhelming; thankfully, you've come to the right team for help. Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry store has been helping partners shop for the perfect diamond engagement ring since 1978 and we've learned a few things about making this process painless and memorable. Where to buy an engagement ring, how to pick an engagement ring, what are the 4 C's and why are they important.. you have questions and we have answers! To help, we've put together our guide on how to buy an engagement ring. Here are some of our best tips for engagement ring shopping.

How to Set a Budget

Before getting started, it is important to set a budget. There is no specific amount, or percentage that is the right answer for this because it's not about the price tag. The misnomer of spending the equivalent of a certain amount of month's salary on an engagement ring came about during the 1930's as a marketing ploy by a designer jewelry label of the time and is just that, a marketing ploy. You should evaluate your financial situation and determine how this purchase is going to fit in with the long-term goals of you and your significant other. The amount you decide to spend will come down to the details of the ring that are important to you: the quality of the center stone, the intricacy of the setting and any customizations that are important to you. Decide ahead of time if you want to pay the entirety of the cost upfront, or if you want to consider financing.

Once a budget is established, our professional team will work with you to ensure you select the finest quality diamond engagement ring available at your price point. We will never pressure you to spend more and are thrilled for the opportunity to make you comfortable and guide you toward the highest quality diamond engagement ring within your budget.

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How to Select the Diamond

When searching for your diamond, knowing about color, clarity, cut, and carat weight will give you more confidence in making your selection. The 4C’s are an internationally recognized grading criteria and refer to the gem’s visual qualities.. Diamonds with a GIA grading report will help with confirming the quality of your diamond, verify ownership for repair or insurance as well as proving useful if you want to resell a diamond. Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry is pleased to offer a 5th C, Confidence. Just as important as the 4C’s of diamond quality is the Lee Michaels Fifth C — Confidence in us as your preferred jeweler of choice. Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry demonstrates that commitment to you through our professional and gemological credentials, superior service, quality, and value.

BUT, don't let the GIA grading be the determining factor when selecting a diamond engagement ring. You should also judge a diamond stone and the ring by the way it makes you feel. Does it remind you of her? Can you envision her wearing it thru daily life as you walk hand in hand? Paperwork is crucial to learning about the diamond in the ring you select, but don't forget how you got to this point, your heart. Let your head and heart work together to select the ring of her dreams.

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Consider Her Style

This is the fun part, shopping based on her style! A diamond engagement ring is a timeless, classic symbol of love that will last forever, so the goal is to find the stone and setting that is the perfect match for your significant other. This part takes a little investigating, but with attention to detail and a little guidance, you can get it just right. An engagement ring is an extension of someone's personal style.

Look at her current jewelry box or the pieces she chooses to wear the most often. Does she lean towards gold or warm color metals? Choose a setting that is yellow gold or rose gold. Does she more regularly wear silver colored jewelry or cool colored metals? White gold, platinum or palladium settings would be an ideal choice for her. Consider her daily routines, hobbies and overall personal fashion taste. Is she someone that is always on the move and doesn't like to fuss over her accessories? Consider a minimalistic style engagement ring. Does she love statement-making styles with luxurious details and accents? Pick a ring for her that is more unique and with showstopping accents. When in doubt, ask a trustworthy friend who knows her style. Including a friend or family member in the engagement ring shopping process adds extra comfort and moral support while selecting a ring for your partner to wear forever.

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Where to Shop for a Diamond Engagement Ring

While there are plenty of options when shopping for a diamond engagement ring, we hope you select Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry and we are pleased to assist thru the entire shopping process. We know that selection can be challenging and we also know that finding a trusted professional is a critical decision. We take our professional responsibility very seriously to search the world’s cutting centers for the most brilliant diamonds at the very best values. When you see our name on the box, you know the diamond you choose is one of only two we selected from every 20 diamonds we see.

We invite you to visit any of our stores to discover your diamond and your moment. We promise you an Extraordinary Experience from opening our door to opening our box.

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How to Determine Her Ring Size

We have a couple suggestions on how to find out her ring size! First: be subtle. Pretend you are going to buy a ring for your mom, sister, grandma, or even yourself. Just make sure this pretend recipient is someone whose finger is similar in size to your partner’s left ring finger! Casually ask what your partner’s ring size is for reference. The next option is a little more straightforward but could get really fun and informative! Ask her friends. If her friend doesn't know right away, the friend could get the information or even suggest they go ring shopping for fun to get professionally sized and even get a few hints about what styles she likes. Another option is to trace the inside and outside of one of her rings. You can compare this tracing with our Ring Sizing Guide, or visit us in stores and let one of our jewelers indicate the correct sizing.

Want to be upfront about it? Visit us in store together and get sized by our professional jewelers, or use our online Ring Sizing Guide at home. Ultimately, it'll all be okay! If the ring doesn't fit, we're able to adjust sizing at any Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry store.

Ring Sizing Guide
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Moral of the Story:

Every story has a beginning. Buying an engagement ring doesn’t have to be stressful. Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry store has been helping partners shop for the perfect diamond engagement ring since 1978 and have made exceeding customer’s expectations a tradition by inviting customers to experience unrivaled quality, value and service. Let us help you make saying “Yes!”, the easiest decision she’s ever made. Every box has a story, shop Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry stores near you or online to start writing yours.

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