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a mikimoto pearl strand and pair of pearl studs

Mikimoto Pearl Jewelry

Founder, Kokichi Mikimoto, devoted his life to pearls and was called the Pearl King. In 1893, he etched his name in history when he successfully creating the world's first cultured pearls. Ever since, his lifelong dream of “adorning the necks of all women around the world with pearls” has lived on through Mikimoto, a company that has dedicated itself to the pursuit of beauty for over a century. After a two year harvesting process, pearls are sorted and graded, and only the very finest gems are ever used to create Mikimoto jewelry to ensure the highest standards and quality. Browse our large selection of Mikimoto pearl necklaces, Mikimoto pearl bracelets, Mikimoto pearl earrings, and Mikimoto pearls at any Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry store near you or shop our bestsellers, available online.

Mikimoto Open Circle A Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings
Mikimoto Open Circle A Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings
Mikimoto Princess Length Pearl Strand Necklace, 18 inches
Mikimoto Princess Length Pearl Strand Necklace, 18 inches
$4,700.00 - $7,500.00
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Mikimoto White Gold Pearl Band
Mikimoto White Gold Pearl Band

Mikimoto Pearls

What Are Mikimoto Pearls?

              Mikimoto is a luxury jewelry brand founded by the first person to successfully culture a semi-spherical pearl, Kokichi Mikimoto. Since that day in 1893, Mikimoto has used the strictest standards of quality when selecting pearls to create pearl jewelry.

How Are Pearls Graded?

              The qualities that determine a pearl’s grade are the thickness of the outer coating called the nacre, the shape, the size, and the color. For Akoya pearls, the grade ranges from the lowest “A” grade to the highest “AAA” grade. The grading system differs for other types of pearls such as freshwater pearls and South Sea pearls which can be graded up to a “AAAA.”

What Mikimoto is Most Known For

  Mikimoto is most well known for high quality strands of cultured Akoya pearls.

Pearl Bracelets

              The Mikimoto collection at Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry includes a large variety of styles of pearl bracelets for women such as pearl strand bracelets or pearl cuff bracelets. We also carry bracelets featuring a variety of different pearl types including Akoya pearls, Tahitian South Sea pearls also known as black pearls, and large white South Sea pearls.

Pearl Rings

              When you purchase a Mikimoto pearl ring, you can be assured that you are investing in high quality pearls that will become an heirloom piece in your collection. Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry stores carry many styles of rings by Mikimoto including pearl rings with diamonds and pearl bands.  

Pearl Necklaces

              A Mikimoto pearl necklace has been a go-to gift for occasions such as weddings, graduations, and anniversaries for decades. We offer Mikimoto necklaces in long and short strands, along with 18k gold chain and pendant necklaces that feature pearls. 

Pearl Earrings

              Pearl earrings are a timeless jewelry staple. The Mikimoto Collection at Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry boasts an impressive assortment of pearl earrings including pearl studs in white or yellow gold as well as pearl hoops, and pearl dangles. Consider a sparkling upgrade by choosing a pair with diamond accents. 

Mikimoto Pearl Collections

Mikimoto Pearls

              Mikimoto’s Classic Collection is the epitome of elegance - a carefully crafted selection of the highest quality pearls in the world paired with stunning diamonds, gleaming gold, and other exquisite gemstones.


              Mikimoto's Station Collection offers a variety of everyday wear. The pieces are designed to be worn on their own as a statement, or layered with other classic Mikimoto designs for a more detailed look

Morning Dew

              With a delicate design of gemstones and pearls, the Mikimoto Morning Dew collection mimics the subtle glimmer of nature's dew drops. 

Are Mikimoto Pearls Valuable?

              The value of Mikimoto pearls comes from their legacy of culturing and selecting only the highest quality pearls for over one hundred years. They are made of fine materials such as 18k gold. The worldwide recognition of Mikimoto as the standard for cultured pearls ensures that by purchasing Mikimoto jewelry, you are making a wise choice.

How Do I Care for Mikimoto Pearl Jewelry?

              To maintain the radiance of your pearls, avoid contact with cosmetics, hair spray, and perfume by adorning them last. Perspiration can also affect their luster, so it's advisable to gently wipe them with a soft cloth before storage. Avoid long-term storage in security boxes to prevent dehydration. Pearl rings, designed for occasional wear, risk damage if worn daily. Enjoy your pearls regularly but restring them periodically, even if worn infrequently, to ensure their lasting beauty and integrity.