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about the brand, David Yurman
about the brand, David Yurman

The David Yurman Company is built on passion, collaboration and curiosity. Founded in 1980 by David and Sybil Yurman, the company is, in their own words, “one long art project. ”Their ability to fuse fashion, art and jewelry into signature design concepts revolutionized an industry, creating an entirely new category—American Designer Jewelry. The company David and Sybil have built is rooted in the constant dialogue between their shared creative vision and goal to make beautiful things to wear. A profound collaboration with each other, their son, Evan, their business partners and their collectors have shaped a more than 50-year career.

about the designers, David Yurman
about the designers, David Yurman

Born two months and a few miles apart, David and Sybil Yurman led parallel lives, coming to art separately in their youth. David first developed his artistic eye from viewing pictures of the Lascaux cave paintings, and Sybil explored the colors used by French Impressionist painters. Dissatisfied with a rote school curriculum, they both discovered making art was their true calling. In the 1960s, they were both involved in the underground art worlds of New York and California, going back and forth between Greenwich Village, Haight-Ashbury, Venice Beach and Big Sur. Their separate times apprenticing with different masters defined their individual artistic languages and ultimately led to the collaborative masterpiece we know today. Their serendipitous meeting in 1969 ignited what would become a lifelong partnership in both art and business.

about the cable design, David Yurman
about the cable design, David Yurman

As a primary form, cable is found in the natural world and in the arts; as such it belongs to a universal family of shapes across world cultures…These sculptural forms run through the whole of human experience. David Yurman, well before he formalized a career as a sculptor and jeweler, prophetically encountered the meaning of cable in nature. He recounts a story about his youth: “Occasionally, I made the rebellious decision to play hooky and visit a wooded area with beautiful trees encircled with enormous hanging vines, so strong you could swing on them. It was a visceral connection with a natural form.”

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David Yurman at Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry
The partnership between Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry and David Yurman is multi-generational, starting with the foundation built by David and Sybil Yurman and introduced to Lee Michaels markets in 19xx. With the growth in design something here about textures and colors and collections being created then integrated in LMFJ stores, the regional and national success encouraging additional growth on the design team as well as LMFJ building out a shop-in-shop for each location. And ongoing relationship exists with the next generation of Yurman as David and Sybil's son, Evan, grows his role within the company in the same way that Ryan, Scott and Chad Berg followed in their father's footsteps.. yatta.

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