Learn More about Monograms

Where did monograms originate?

Monograms date as far back as the early Greek and Roman times. Rulers of the era would put their seal on the currency to help identify from where and whom it came. In the Middle Ages, artists took the idea and applied monograms to their work as signatures. Even later, the Victorians also made monogramming their own to show off their wealth and status by wearing precious jewelry and expensive embroidery with their initials.

Monograms as Family Heirlooms

For many, monograms are a common way to pass along heritage. Some people keep the china from their great grandmothers pristine because they share her name and initials. Others have monogrammed pieces that they bring out for the holidays just because everyone has their own initials on the glassware, silverware, and plates. It is common to see entertaining serveware etched with a family initial as a valued family heirloom, or an estate piece of personalized jewelry passed down thru generations.

Monograms in Modern Times

Today, monograms serve as a symbol of Southern hospitality as well as the desire to embrace personalization. Three initial monograms can be seen on housewares, linens, jewelry and more. Visit a Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry store in to learn more or special order a gift for yourself or as a treat for someone to celebrate their new initials.

proper order of initials for monograms
proper order of initials for monograms
3 Letter Monogram Structure

The traditional monogram for an individual showcases the last initial, featuring it centered and slightly larger in size that the first and second initial. The first and second initial sit to the left and right, respectively, of the centered last initial.

Monogrammed & Embossed Styles available In Stores and Online

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