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Jan Leslie

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Jan Leslie Women's Jewelry

Playful luxury. Sustainable, handcrafted jewelry. Jan Leslie reinterprets from the world around her to create a magical dream world where pigs fly and jewelry dances. Her admiration and respect for gemstones, nature and her craft are shown in each timeless piece of Jan Leslie jewelry. All materials are ethically sourced, and each treasure is hand-forged, and hand painted. Adding to the value, quality, and essence of each collectible piece of fine women's jewelry. 

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Jan Leslie magically reinterprets the world around her, creating completely new and beautiful forms. She now brings her signature style of unique, artful, and inspired designs to a collection of jewelry for women. Get lost, be inspired, and connect with your inner self with each magical collection. Jan Leslie has created a world full of wonder, positivity, and delight. Explore women's jewelry by Jan Leslie and choose what speaks to your soul and brings you joy. Nothing compares to Jan Leslie’s wonderful world of playful luxury.