Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Oyster, 40 mm, yellow gold M116508-0016

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Cosmograph Daytona+1079a241-66e8-4c39-aafb-f8e1b99da817
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Cosmograph Daytona+a3515201-8693-4ca4-bbca-92738c8627fd
Cosmograph Daytona+bc0fb233-cf6e-42f2-9a11-3c2d115025bd
Cosmograph Daytona+6d269470-8a27-45fd-9c84-98a3e0ff6ad3
Cosmograph Daytona+4ba3d10c-7f2b-47d1-8253-363997085f1b
Cosmograph Daytona+ad46068c-4e1e-4b8a-926a-3811a29946cf
Cosmograph Daytona
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